WLTM an attractive CMS for LTR?



Need a website but haven’t much of a budget? Maybe you’re a start up or a small business where that budget just won’t stretch. Let us introduce you to WordPress. WordPress is generous, versatile, savvy and bang up to date. Generous as it offers a completely free option, versatile as it provides many different templates, savvy as you can update your blog area as well as other social media pages all externally by email and bang up to date in terms of look and search engine optimisation. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship..

But isn’t WordPress just for blogging? Well, no. A WordPress website can have the usual pages a business requires, fronted by a perfectly normal home page; and have a blogging element to it.

We’ve developed a few customised WordPress sites for our clients, ours included. We use WordPress templates that are both flexible in terms of complexity as well as being responsive. We customise them visually to maximise a client’s brand and then apply some robust search engine optimisation (SEO), implementing key search phrases ‘naturally’ into the content and creating incoming links from other sites and networks. WordPress also plays a key part in SEO, automatically sending updates of a website’s sitemap (list of pages), every time a new page or post is added. This ensures a site is always visible to the search engines.

Let us know if you’d like to be introduced?

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