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GREENHILL | 1.1, 1.2

Greenhill is a recruitment company based in Cambridgeshire. We created multiple job ads (1.1) that shone above the rest in terms of design, colour and personality. We also created career orientate posts (1.2) to steer candidates to the direction of Greenhill’s sign up area on their site. Both posted organically on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Big Mouth is a voiceover training company. The ad shown (2.1) was part of a series of paid and organic Facebook ads that played on the company’s larger than life name. Targeting students and Generation Z.


Serviceslane is an online platform where you can book trusted service professionals. This advert (3.1) was part of a paid slideshow Facebook ad that targeted individuals and SMEs who were interested in flexible hours. The copy and the imagery were deliberately personable in order for the target audience to relate to the promotion, and, essentially, leverage the click through rate.

PANOBA | 4.1

Panoba are UK education consultants for international professionals and their families. This ad (4.1) was part of a paid Facebook slideshow ad that targeted high net worth Indian individuals in Dubai. Large beautiful images of students and school architecture were used with the final sign off screen being that of the director’s photo. The post was also posted organically on LinkedIn.

GOODMEASURE | 5.2, 5.2

Goodmeasure are specialist cabinet makers. This cartoon style post (5.1) was part of a paid Facebook slideshow ad in order to advertise a free powerdrill. The director of Goodmeasure was persuaded to become the star of the slideshow as the superhero who was seeking out one superdad to give the free giveaway to. The other post (5.2) was part of a large series of organic promos regularly posted on Goodmeasure’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn channels. Posts used strong shots of their cabinetry projects. Each with a quirky caption.


Who’s not addicted to social media? It really is the perfect platform to advertise your business as it’ll get you in front of the right audience. We can create textual, static image, video, carousel or slideshow ads. Contact us with your requirements and we can discuss some more.

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