1 Greenhill

Greenhill is a recruitment company based in Cambridgeshire. They needed to refresh the landing page for prospective clients so it both introduced the company and gave interested parties a swift point of contact. We worked with Greenhill and their existing WordPress template to create a page that would could punch well above its weight and demonstrate a company with both heritage and a great reputation. View landing page.

2 InPractice

InPractice are medico-legal consultants. They needed to refresh their website in order for it to work on all devices as well as make it appear like a whole new website along with being able to update their website themselves stress-free. We took their existing website and reworked it in order for it to be responsive, redesigned the home page and updated the photography throughout. The same attention and care was given to the content management system which gave them a user friendly area to update their courses and create promotions. View website.

3 Panoba

Panoba are education consultants for international professional and their families. Like InPractice, their website and SEO needed a refresh so we redesigned the Home page and updated the top header area to display large images and incorporate optimised headings throughout. The result being a useful website in terms of search and a website positioned for prospective high net worth clients. View website.

4 Goodmeasure

Goodmeasure are specialist cabinet makers. We redesigned their website to showcase their beautiful modern and traditional pieces and accompany the new branding we had created for them. As with Panoba, we optimised all headings for search. We now either write or co-write the content for their blog. Their website was created entirely in in order to make it as cost effective as possible. View website.

5 RMBanks & Co

RMBanks & Co is a global investment communications business that connects business and capital across borders. We were commissioned to produce a website that positioned them as a key player in the international investment world and gave the director an easy content management system to update content as and when. View website.


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