How to get a good marketing ROI

We recently achieved a very satisfying marketing ROI of 7:1 for a B2C business courtesy of a Google Adwords campaign. We did this by taking the time to understand the company’s brand, their business offering, the people who run the show, their target audience as well as carrying out an SEO audit. This provided us with plenty of keywords which became the lifeblood of their Adwords campaign.

So how well do you know your brand? Do you really know which keywords your customers use to find your product or service? Having this inside knowledge will really help when it comes to investing in a Google Adwords campaign.

First, upgrade your SEO

A good starting point is to improve the SEO for your website. Focus on your brand and your company offering and carry out Google searches for your product, taking note of the prompts suggested by Google. These prompts reflect current popular searches. Take a look at what your audience searches for within your Google Analytics and also check out your competitors’ content. This’ll enable you to break down your offering into multiple distinct searchable ‘long tail keywords’ that can be used as the basis of an Adwords campaign.

Then focus on creating an effective Google Adword Campaign

Once you’ve nailed the SEO, you will be in a far better position to compile your Google Adwords adverts. With your keywords to hand, you can create ads that’ll stand out and talk to your audience. Think of different angles using location and your user groups and, importantly, play with the language you use. Dare to be different.

Not forgetting relevant landing pages

Equally important to a Google Adwords campaign are the landing pages where your Adword-ees are taken to upon clicking. Do they need updating in order to be more relevant to the campaign? The content as well as brand positioning need to be spot on in order to prevent high bounce rates.

Achieve a good marketing ROI

In the end, this exercise will provide real insight, not only into your target market but also your brand; delivering a good marketing ROI. Contact us if you’d like to discuss more.

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