Search engine optimisation

SEO vs Google Ads?

Where paid advertising such as Google Ads can fast track sales for your business, SEO (via organic search) can deliver more volume at a better cost per lead. Your customers might also actively scroll past the paid ads to get to the organic search results. It does depend on the amount of local competition you have and your short and long term goals to which you use however. Ideally we’d recommend both if your budget allows. Where to start with SEO though? First off we submit a business to Google My Business, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

How effective are keywords?

Used correctly – very. Look at the keywords that feed your content and USP. How do they compare with your competitors? Are you using local SEO? Implement optimised, searchable meta data and natural sounding content that people actually use to find your business. It could be that you need to fine-tune your brand positioning in order to differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

Site health check

Keep on top of the health of your site. Check areas such as your site functioning as a responsive site, for 404 errors, out of date plugins and themes, and that your images are optimised size-wise. Size still matters.

What is link building?

Linking should have the highest priority. Internal link building on a website adds value so that Google can craw and index pages. Broken links must be monitored and addressed as they mess up PageRank. Finally, key to driving traffic to your site are backlinks. Backlinks do take some legwork, as creating engaging blog content can be time consuming; but they link people back to your site so worth the investment of time.

How to improve your SEO in 2021

It’s easy. Contact us for an initial audit and we can take it from there.

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