Search engine optimisation


Whilst some companies focus on the minutiae of the figures behind each product or service on a continual basis, we focus on bringing the right people to your website by conducting a comprehensive audit that can be implemented as a one off or as and when a website’s content or audience changes. We look in detail at your current SEO and at your competition, your analytics and at what Google search tells us about your business. Armed with this detail we’ll implement optimised, searchable meta data and natural sounding content that people actually use to find your business, alongside effective links, both in-bound and out. This will increase your visibility, leverage your rankings higher in the search engines and most likely make you fine-tune your brand positioning.

We also provide stats in and around the work being carried out. We recommend carrying out a stats report prior to SEO being developed because it will demonstrate what your audience is currently interested in and might well give the content of the new SEO a new direction. Our SEO work includes:

+ An audit of a website’s current SEO (if any), the Google Analytics and competitor’s SEO.
+ Relevant long tail keywords implemented as meta data, schema and headings throughout a website.
+ Well written, promotional content based on each page which will appear as descriptions on search results pages.
+ Optimised alt tags for each image.
+ Optimised content for social media bios and post content, inclusive of copy, hashtags and links.
+ Recommendations around which networks and directory sites for in-bound links to a website.

Is it time to upgrade your SEO?

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