Google Ads

Google Ads, also known as Google Adwords or PPC can be daunting in terms of cost but the ROI has the potential to be far greater than other digital marketing. This is due to the precise and comprehensive nature of its targeting and therefore worth the investment. In one campaign it is possible to assign multiple keywords to multiple ads within multiple ad groups. You could compare it to the hierarchy on a complex family tree. How there are multiple branches here there and everywhere. This is how Google Ads works, making it possible to capture all your audience in one campaign. Our Google Ads work includes:

+ Audit of current SEO and competitor SEO (if required)
+ Establishing user groups and relevant locations to target
+ Creation of further new/developed searchable keywords into longtail keywords using Google’s Keyword Tool
+ Establishing the best and most practical timeframe/max budget for the overall campaign
+ Creation of ad groups and ad copy
+ Implementation of ads on the Google Ads platform
+ Regular monitoring and adjustment of keywords throughout the campaign
+ Stats report at agreed interval and on completion of the campaign

Time to invest in Google?

This is an investment really worth looking at and it can be tailored to fit your budget. Contact us below and we can discuss some more.

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