Need devine digital intervention?

Then you’ve come to the right place. The digital world is a complex one that never stands still. With our creative heads firmly held on, we produce swish digital products that add value to a brand.

Palmer Owen is a digital communications agency based in Cambridgeshire that offers Branding, Websites, E-Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media and Print to support your digital requirements. Below are some of our current digital products. If you’d like to chat more about any digital requirement you might have, we’d like to hear from you.

Responsive sites

Don’t all responsive sites look the same?

Responsive websites are optimised to work on all devices. They are formatted using the Bootstrap framework which enables a website to stack down into it’s simplest format on the smallest screens. This does mean a certain look and feel to most sites these days. However to individualise your online presence, we get to know your brand and look at how your users use your website in order to create a website that stands you out from the crowd. Also one that strengthens your brand and focuses on customer acquisition – no matter the device.

Social media

Creating time for social media

Ok, there never seems to be enough time in the day to manage social media on top of everything else. But this social scene can’t be ignored. It’s the unputdownable destination for avid users on both a personal and professional level. There are ways and means to collate content and streamline posts to make it all manageable. So bag a channel and start a conversation through general participation or via highly targeted advertising campaigns. Share photos and embrace the current social media trend, video. You will begin to create a loyal following that can drive conversions. We create companies social brand vision, advertising strategy and foundations for engagement. And crucially, time management.

Search engine optimisation

Is search engine optimisation still used?

That would be a yes – its just changed. It’s no longer just about compiling a list of, lets face it, too many keywords; and hiding them in the code. Instead, the keywords and keyphrases are made to work harder. Being entirely pertinent to your product, whilst incorporated so the flow of your copy reads naturally. As important are the use of images, videos and internal links, adding personality and interest – and which also optimise your site. Add a little know-how into the equation, both internally within your site, and, externally, via Google, a few industry specific and/or popular sites as well as the social networks; and you will organically raise your rankings in the search engines. We provide the groundwork and then, either, keep things updated on a company’s behalf or give guidance for a company to go it alone.


Don’t people just delete e-shots?

If you have a loyal following, you’ve got yourself a warm audience. They’ll not only keep your company E-Shot in their inbox, but click the links within it too. E-Shots, when created and mailed out by those who really understand them, are in fact the perfect digital marketing tool for relaying news, services and products to interested parties; without the worry of ending up as being blacklisted, or almost as bad, unnoticed. We create E-Shots that build upon a brand and stand out and in people’s inboxes, manage the mail-outs and provide reports covering audience engagement post-delivery. We can also offer further customisation, segmenting the recipient list if required – so the E-Shot delivers the right message to the right people. Read this if you need further persuasion.

Google Adwords

Isn’t Google Adwords expensive?

Google Adwords can be made to be cost effective by using relevant long tail keywords and making the campaign specific to your brand in terms of location and audience engagement. Google Adwords has now upgraded the scope of its offering by increasing the amount of text on its ads along with displaying other additional info and calls to actions that can be placed directly underneath your ad. These include site links, consumer ratings, previous visits, call links, download app links and social extensions, to name a few. Video ads can also be used instead of a text ad and will blatantly extend your reach, displaying both on the Display Network and YouTube. We create campaigns that appeal to all groups within a target market and ensure they work effectively across mobile and desktop platforms. Our regular monitoring of a campaign provides complete control over budget and boosts conversion rates.

Logos, branding & domain

How to get the domain name you want

When creating a company name, you have to take a holistic approach. Creating a name that is catchy, inspirational and individual, but also one where the domain name and social media handles are available too – so your brand is consistent across all platforms. Easier said than done we know. However, a little ingenuity and a little more hard graft can gain you the company name you want. Along with our digital work, we create brand identities, inclusive of the initial naming and establishing domain/social media handle availability if required. Browse through our Portfolio section to see some examples of our brand identities.

Banner ads

Aren’t banner ads blocked these days?

There is a case for and against banner ads. Against being – there have been many a banner ad created to be disruptive and in your face over the years, which has led to ad blocking tools and mobile operating software being released. For being – there is still value in capturing the market with display advertising through remarketing. Display advertising alone will place your banner ad on the most relevant sites. And by adding remarketing into the mix, your ad will be displayed to those who have visited your website recently and maximise your brand’s airtime. There is still a substantial audience out there. Its just a case of filtering out the users who aren’t interested. We create and produce interactive banner ads that speak to the target audience – and importantly, catch the eye without being a nuisance. We like banner ads so prefer not to fuel the argument against them.